Keshia’s Conflict Management

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Keshia’s Conflict Management

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Conflict Management SerVices

Services Provided:

Mediation- Neutral Third Party Mediator to facilitate the process for each party in their attempt to reach a resolution.

Conflict Coaching- Providing One on One guidance to help individuals with how they can manage their conflict or potential conflict.

Trainer/ Lecturer- Provides training on conflict management to individuals or workplace groups.

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I’m Keshia

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I completed my undergraduate degree in English, Linguistics and Psychology and my graduate degree in Dispute Resolution. Currently I am completing my Masters in Law. I am an Associate at A Place for Mediation with experiences in cases such as employment, workplace, personal injury and estate. I am a Lecturer at Instil Training where I provide training on conflict management Also I have published a few articles on